The Southeast Queens Chamber of Commerce Announces Their Health and Wealth Expo

The Southeast Queens Chamber of Commerce invites you to their Health and Wealth Expo on July 30th, 2022, from 11AM-5PM EST. The Expo will explore the world of medicine, provide tips to living a healthy lifestyle, as well as covering topics such as banking and careers.

At the Southeast Queens Chamber of Commerce’s Health and Wealth Expo, you will hear from various experienced doctors as they explain the world of medicine. They will go into depth about plant medicine, pharmaceutical conventional medicine, ayurveda, and holistic health. There will even be a small clinic set up for free health examinations from emergency care doctors. Alongside the clinic will also be fitness workshops, as well as a self-defense workshop. This is the perfect opportunity to kickstart your health journey and how to approach it in the right ways.

That is not all the Expo is going to bring to the table. Aside from health tips, if time permits, there will also be tips on achieving wealth as well. Everything from potential questions regarding finance to real estate could be addressed. Come with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding building wealth.

Everyone is invited! The Southeast Queens Chamber of Commerce extends their open arms to anyone who is interested in coming. Families can bring their children and friends along for the experience. It will be a very fun and educational event and it would be a shame to miss out on it. Join the chamber at The Harvest Room, 90-40 160th Street, Jamaica, NY, 11432 on Saturday July 30th.

For more information please contact Dr. Lord, N.D at 917-720-2485 or email her at